How To Sell More Stuff

Everyone wants to know how to sell more stuff. Although this topic is vital to businesses, it’s also extremely important in everyone’s daily life. During business hours it’s about selling products and services; in your private life it’s about selling yourself and what you believe in. When it comes to people, no one is neutral, everyone has a set of beliefs and principles that guide them. Those preconceptions invariably come in conflict, or at least contrast, with competing preconceptions. As animals, our primary instinct is to survive, so it is natural for us to use whatever assets we have to win over and beat the competition.

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Graphic Novel Crime Noir Series The Method

If you’re a fan of Film Noir and Graphic Novels you’re going to love this new series graphic novels from MRPwebmedia. The first in the series will be introduced in early February, 2015. If you want to be notified when it’s released, just sign up for the MRPwebmedia newsletter on the website.

The Method

Written By Jerry Bader
Illustrated By Inga Shalvashvili
Produced By MRPwebmedia
Trailer Audio for Lonnie By Heather Graham

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Website Confidential V1N2 Commercial Noir

In our second free edition of Website Confidential we discuss Commercial Noir, what it is, why it’s important, and how to use it to your marketing advantage.

Website Confidential Commercial Noir
Marketing and Branding Strategies, Tactics and Techniques

Our latest free edition of Website Confidential focuses on how to use Film Noir techniques to influence modern marketing prospects. We connect the dots between what it is, why it was developed, and how it might be the marketing strategy you’ve been looking for.

Website Confidential v01 n02 Commercial Noir

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If you missed Website Confidential The Ish Effect click here to download it now!

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New Free Marketing Magazine – Website Confidential V1N1

New Free Marketing and Branding Digital Magazine, Website Confidential, from MRPwebmedia. Learn about the ISH Effect.

Website Confidential
Marketing and Branding Strategies, Tactics and Techniques

It’s not everyday you get something for nothing but today is the day. We are pleased to introduce our new FREE marketing magazine made especially for entrepreneurs and marketing executives interested in building a unique brand identity with Big Idea Strategies.

Website Confidential v01 n01

Download Your FREE Copy Of Website Confidential Now!

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Double Take Now Available on Blurb

We are pleased to announce the release of the third in our series of Big Idea marketing e-books “Double Take Marketing Techniques”.

Double Take Marketing Techniques” is based on the notion that marketing needs to get people to pay attention to what you have to say by presenting marketing collaterals that force your audience to take a second look at whatever you’re presenting. After all, if people don’t absorb your message, you’re never going to sell them anything.

“Double Take” Video Introduction

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Make Yourself Memorable

Every day we are confronted by a deluge of “must haves”. You must have the latest social network account, you must have a mobile app to sell, you must have this and you must have that; it never ends. It’s a wonder most entrepreneurs aren’t permanently on some kind of anti anxiety medication, the pressure to “must have” the next wonder-tech is just too much. In a business environment of deafening and confusing noise how do you make yourself memorable?

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Every Business Wants To Sell More Stuff

Every business wants more customers who buy more stuff; so where are the customers and why aren’t they buying from you? Today’s B-to-C customer and B-to-B client have options; whatever you’re selling can be purchased from someone else, and if they can’t buy the exact same thing, numerous substitutes are available.

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Too Much Advertising, Not Enough Communication

“Our cognitive hubris allows us to think that we’re smarter than we actually are, to stubbornly deny the overwhelming evidence that human cognition is in fact a messy subjective mix of facts and feelings, intellect and instinct, reason and gut reaction. Pure, objective, analytical ‘just-the-facts’ Cartesian reason is a wonderful goal – ‘God’s crowning gift to man’ as Sophocles put it – but it’s an unachievable myth. And believing in it is dangerous. …”

– David Ropeik, “Big Think,” Dealing With the Danger of Cognitive Hubris

MRPwebmedia's Big Idea Books

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What’s The Big Idea? A Guide To Creative Marketing Communication

New e-Book For Developing Online Marketing Strategies Released

“What’s The Big Idea?” is more than just another business e-book touting the latest techno-gimmick or fad-app; it’s an organized approach to creative marketing strategy, concept development. The e-book contains a beautiful mind map chart for entrepreneurs to use as a guide in developing their own innovative marketing campaigns, as well as written, video, and full page photo illustrations of each of the 28 concepts that use hard-wired mental triggers to communicate well-thought-out marketing communication strategies.

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