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New Free Marketing and Branding Digital Magazine, Website Confidential, from MRPwebmedia. Learn about the ISH Effect.

Website Confidential
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It’s not everyday you get something for nothing but today is the day. We are pleased to introduce our new FREE marketing magazine made especially for entrepreneurs and marketing executives interested in building a unique brand identity with Big Idea Strategies.

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In this inaugural edition we discuss The ISH Effect with lots of illustrated examples, and we dive deeper into the concept by using the cult film classic “A Scanner Darkly” as a case study. We’ve even created a couple of videos to illustrate what can be done. We’ve also revisited the popular article, “What Is Advertising’s Most Important Word?” that goes hand-in-hand with the ISH Effect.

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Bob Hoffman’s The Golden Age of Bull@&it

We also came across a video talk by Bob Hoffman on The Golden Age of Bull@&it. I highly recommend this video for anyone who has been seduced by the media’s hysteria over social media and it’s value for advertisers and marketers.

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More Good Stuff

Life is good when you get something for free but alas not everything can be gratis, so if you thought Website Confidential was interesting wait till you get a hold of Double Take Marketing Techniques. Hay, we can’t give away all our great ideas, so why not get yourself a copy. Perhaps What’s The Big Idea? maybe what you need, and while you’re at it, why not go for the trifecta, and add Brand Universe to your bookshelf.