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They say people don’t read any more, hell, most people can’t even be bothered to make real phone calls; they just text message. Books are dead, or are they?

We think not. Today people are under great pressure to keep up, keep up with technology, keep up with marketing trends, and even, keep up with the latest in entertainment and culture. Fortunately, digital technology has provided solutions.

In this new digital age of publishing, books and magazines can contain more than just text and images; they can offer audio and video. So now if you can’t read, don’t want to read, or don’t have time to read, you can just watch and listen. And if you’re old school, and like the feel of paper cuts and dog-eared corners, you can still get print. Options, that’s what MRPwebmedia Publishing is all about.

We offer Graphic Novels for entertainment and Marketing and Branding books for learning. We even offer the occasional free magazine under our Website Confidential masthead. So sit down and curl up with a nice hot toddy and iPhone, or digital device of your choice, cause now, you’ve got options.

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